Home delivery in Barcelona

On Demand Dry Cleaning & Laundry to your door, 6 days a week service, EXTENDED HOURS, and just 60 minute pick-up windows available. We now make it more convenient than ever to outsource your dry cleaning and laundry.

Monday to FridayBetween 7am-10am and 7pm-11pm
SaturdaysBetween 10am and 12pm (midday)

We can pass by today. The same quality Lavalocker service, now just even more convenient.  This service is currently only available through our website and mobile website.

Please, don’t forget separate by bags according to the desired service (Wash and fold, dry cleaning, wash and iron, etc.), if this selection isn’t done when we are picking up the order, our operators will make the best selection for customer satisfaction.

Carpets – is not available in august.

*The process for carpets is 10 days aprox.

Place a pick-up order

The minimum order amount is 21€. The cost of pick up or delivery is 3.20€ por trip.

This service is no available in almost the whole of the city of Barcelon (except in these postal areas (08016, 08020, 08030, 08031, 08032, 08035, 08041)

Lavalocker, your laundry 2.0 in Barcelona.