Laundry Service for Tourist Apartments in Barcelona

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All managers and owners of tourist apartments appreciate that washing the bedding can be a great cause of frustration and cost.  Especially for those with apartments all around the city.

Now Lavalocker offers a great laundry service aimed directly at the tourist apartments in Barcelona.

Washing apartment bedding

Our clients need do nothing more than send us a schedule or their pick-ups and Lavalocker takes care of the rest. No more moving heavy laundry or wasting time waiting for sheets to dry.  We wash and iron all bedding and then return the bedding to each specific apartment in a designated cupboard and all this for the same price you would pay carrying your washing to a laundrette for it to be washed and folded, or cost for your cleaner to do it. 

Our Laundry Service Highlights:

  1. All bedding is professional cleaned and ironed to ensure a wrinkle-free, even finish to the same standard as a 5 star hotels.
  2. We track all items with barcodes to minimise loss . We know beforehand if there is a piece missing and we can then find it.
  3. International-level customer service. Long hours and weekends, we help our clients resolve short-turnarounds or urgent matters
  4. Our operations are equipped to handle regular high-volume.
  5. We re-wash heavily-stained pieces, for no extra cost, and still make sure it gets back to the right apartments

We are already servicing many apartments in Barcelona. We offer an innovative solution to take the pain, hassle and unwanted costs away from your laundry needs for tourist apartments in Barcelona.

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