Locker locations and how they work

Our lockers are located all over Barcelona where you can drop-off your dry-cleaning or laundry.

Private locker
Public locker
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How do the lockers work?

Watch the short video below (audio is in Spanish):

You can read our locker instruction card here. It’ll give you a more thorough overview of the process.
As always, you can call us if you have any questions.

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Why use Lavalocker and their lockers?

Easy to use mobile website
Lets you place an order, see prices and delivery options, track the cleaning process in real time, check if it has been picked up, and view the wash-history of your clothes. Our software lets you stay in control and communicate freely with us.
We use secure and transparent payment systems
Through our modern software you'll be able to see the payment made for each garment online, so you can always make sure everything is correct and keep track of your expenses.
We have awesome customer service
In Lavalocker we offer personalised attention. Our customer service team is always ready to help and offer solutions to make your life easier.

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