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¿You know you favorite pair of leather shoes that you always like to wear or those beautiful boots that you look great in?  Well we can shine them to look brand new again through our Shoe repair service in Barcelona.

Shoe repair


Good shoes -the same as that happens to people – age and sustain superficial damage due to the cold, dust, wear, a number of different other factors.

In Lavalocker we care equally for your clothes and your shoes and that is why we recommend that you try our new shoe shine service to conserve and protect your favorite footwear.


When it is the time to put away your winter boots and shoes don´t forget to clean and protect the leather before storing them through the summer months.. 

If you want you can leave that to us or any other shoe repair too:

Heels Women shoes (medium-sized cover) 10€ / (small size cover) 8€

Soles Men shoes  12€

Shoe polishing  8.5€

Boot polishing  11€

Shoe preservation (to shape & expanding) 8€

Zipper (boots)   23€

Zipper (purse)   26€

Re-sole shoes (without seam)  30€

Repair seam (purse) 8€

If you have any garment which is not on the list, send us an e-mail with your question and we will promptly respond it.

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